50 PMP EXAM Q/R 004

During a project meeting, a stakeholder disagrees with a key deliverable and project milestone Iisted in the approved project charter. What should the project manager have done to prevent this?
A. Engaged the stakeholder earlier
B. Classified stakeholders using a power/interest grid
C. Met more frequentiy with the stakeholder
D. Conducted a thorough stakeholder analysis

The charter for a project to build a new financial reward system for the sales division is approved. What should the project manager do now?
A. Develop the scope baseline.
B. Collect scope requirements.
C. Develop the project scope statement.
D. Prepare the scope management plan.

The project manager for a new project wants to discuss project execution methodology with ail stakeholders. During what meeting should the project manager first discuss this?
A. Steering committee meeting
B. Team meeting
C. Requirements gathering meeting
D. Kick-off meeting

An experienced project manager is preparing a kick-off meeting for a new service assessment. A high-Ievel description of the service has been provided.
What should the project manager do next?
A. Develop the project charter.
B. Develop the responsible, accountable, consult, and inform (RACI) matrix.
C. Define the project scope statement.
D. Create the work breakdown structure (WBS).

Company A wants to subcontractthe installation of a factory’s building management system to company B. Alter some adjustments and a review of key stakeholder feedback, company B’s project manager needs to develop the project charter for approval.
What should company B’s project manager consider as an input when developing the project charter?
A. Subcontractor submittal approval
B. Letter of intent
C. Submission of project management plan
D. Letter of enquiry

At the tirst team meeting, the project manager uses the risks noted in the project charter as a starting point for developing the risk register. Alter identifying the risks, what should the project team do next?
A. Calculate the management reserve.
B. Oevelop contingent response strategies.
C. Populate a probability and impact matrix.
D. Perform quantitative risk analysis.

A company plans to set up a new product that is unlike any previous product they have developed. The project manager must manage customer expectatons.
What should the project manager do to identify the project’s deliverables?
A. Use their knowledge and expertise.
B. Capture deliverables in the project charter and receive approval.
C. Discuss options with the project sponsor.
D. Meet with the project team to decide on the deliverables based on the budget.

Stakeholders are unaligned on the project charter that was distributed for approval. What tool or technique should the project manager use to help bring stakeholders into alignment?
A. Expertjudgement
B. Meeting management
C. Conflict management
D. Business case

Company A hires a project manager for Company B’s new project. What document does the project manager need from company B to develop the project charter?
A. Scope statement
B. Statement of work (SOW)
C. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
D. Project management plan

A project is initialed to deliver a new version of an existing product. The customer is known for being dissatisfied with the products they receive. During 1he planning meeting, 1he customer demands that attention be paid to a critical component, as the current version is unusable. What should the project manager do?
A. Document 1he customer’s issues and fix 1hem in the new version.
B. Ensure that a detailed collection of requirements and delivery acceptance criteria are obtained.
C. Refer to the stakeholder engagement plan to understand how to interact wi1h this customer.
D. Validate 1he requirements traceability matrix.

A project manager develops a business case during project initiation. What areas should the project manager consider when developing 1he business case?
A. Expected resource performance and cost-benefit analysis
B. Expected resource performance and 1he project’s contribution to the strategie portfolio objectives
C. Business benefits provided by project deliverables and portfolio analysis
D. Business benefits provided by project deliverables and the organizational strategy

During project initiation, the project manager learns that the charter was not approved by the proper authoriües. The project manager approaches their line manager about this issue, but the line manager instructs the project manager to immediately begin work on the project plan. What should the project manager do?
A. Followthe line manager’s instructions.
B. Explain the implications of working without approval.
C. Seek advice from other project managers.
D. Escalate the matter to the project spcnsor.

QUESTION 163 While preparing a project charter for a new project, a project manager reviews lessons learned from previous projects. The lessons learned documents show frequent issues with low engagement levels and stakeholder misalignment on project objectives. What should the project manager do to avoid repetition of this issue in the new project?
A. A1low any stakeholder to join the change control board (CCB) at any time in the project.
B. Include ail stakeholders in the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) for acceptance of the deliverables.
C. Gather ail the requirements provided by every individu al stakeholder and include in the work breakdown structure (WBS).
D. Build a common understanding among stakeholders about key deliverables described in the approved project charter.

To estimate the cost of project activities for a new project, a project manager uses the schedule from a similar project. What tool or technique is the project manager using?
A. Expertjudgment
B. Parametric estimating
C. Bottom-up estimating
D. Analogous estimating

A new project requires resources with specifie skills and competencies from various company departments. Since most company staff are already assigned to other projects, the project manager must identify and agree on available internai human resources, and hire external experts. What should the project manager use first to obtain resources?
A. Negotiation skills
B. Acquisition skills
C. Individual and team assessment tools
D. Requirements analysis tools

A project manager is leading a project team workshop to develop the scope management plan. The team appears overwhelmed with the project’s size and complexity. What should the project manager do?
A. Revisit the work breakdown structure (WBS) with the team.
B. Have the team review ail existing project documentation.
C. Break the workshop into groups, with each group responsible for developing a subpart of the scope management plan.
D. Ask a subject matter expert (SME) to explain to the group what was done on a previous, similar project.

QUESTION 167 What can a project manager do to communicate the formai project announcement and relevant information to stakeholders, and then gain their commitment?
A. Create the project charter.
B. Conduct a kick-off meeting.
C. Develop the communications management plan.
D. Prepare and distribute the responsible, accountable, consult, and inform (RACI) matrix.

QUESTION 168 A project manager decides to conduct a virtual kick-off meeting rather than a face-to-face kick-off meeting. As a result, the project manager fails to gain stakeholder commitment. What documents should the project manager consult to eliminate similar challenges in the future?
A. Quality management and stakeholder engagement plans
B. Communications management and stakeholder engagement plans
C. Scope management and communications management plans
D. Project charter and communications management plan

QUESTION 169 A project manager for a company operating in a competitive market is creating a project scope statement. External limitations are noted. What is most important to the project sponsor at this stage of the project?
A. Constraints
B. Deliverables
C. Assumptions
D. Schedule

After defining project goals and objectives for a technology change initiative, a company holds a meeting with key stakeholders to align expectations. What result indicates that this initiative is moving forward correctly?
A. Business case
B. Kick-off meeting C Statement of work (SOW)
D. Key deliverables

A project team is developing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system under a tight deadline. During quality assurance testing, a number of issues are detected. However, the developers mistrust quality assurance and are uncooperative.
What should the project manager do to address the conflict?
A. Persuade the developers to cooperate with the application of the quality assurance plan, and communicate this to stakeholders
B. What until the deliverables are ready before directing the development team to adhere to the quality assurance plan
C. Explain the quality assurance plan to ail team members, make the required changes, and gain consensus on the plan going forward
D. Hire a conflict resolution specialist to address the concerns, then implement the recommended changes

QUESTION 172 During the initiation phase of a global project, the project manager realizes that the exchange rate included in the business case is different 1han the current exchange rate. What should the project manager do?
A. Ask the project sponsor to consider terminating the project
B. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis with the project sponsor to evaluate the projecfs viability
C. Include the exchange rate in 1he assumption log and the exchange rate risk in the project charter
D. Issue a change requests to update the exchange rate in the project charter

A new project is being executed with a team working locations. What should the project manager first consider when leading a geographically dispersed team?
A. Project team size
B. Time zones C Project goals
D. Cultural differences

A project manager is gathering formai project requirements. After conducting stakeholder interviews, the project manager realizes that some objectives are inconsistent with those in the project charter. Based on information learned during the initiation phase, this project must be highly focused to stay within budget limits.
To manage requirements and meet stakeholder expectations, what should the project manager do?
A. Realign the stakeholder’s expectations with the objectives in the project charter.
B. Expand the project charter to include the newly identified objectives.
C. Remove objectives in the project charter that are not aligned with the stakeholders’ objectives.
D. Disregard stakeholders’ objectives that may be outside the scope detailed in the project charter.

A project manager is managing a two-year agile project with monthly iterations. The project manager identifies the following risk during project initiation: « Rapid development of new technologies used by the industries and stakeholders may reduce the delivered value. »
Which approach can the project manager use to mitigate the stated risk?
A. Benchmark past projects utilizing the same technologies to establish a baseline.
B. Review and update the project management plan and risk management plan at each iteration.
C. Include a contingency clause in the contract that secures additional funding in case changes arise.
D. Lengthen each iteration to allow more time and resources to mitigate this risk.

A project manager discoversthat material costs have increased significantly sin ce project initiation. To what should the project manager refer to determine if the project is still feasible?
A. Basis of the estimate
B. Cost baseline
C. Cost management plan
D. Business case

During a project’s initiation, project manager A realizes that the project id dependent on and linked to other projects. Project manager A attempts to change the plans of these other projects. The other project managers teel that project manager A has overstepped boundaries.
Which document does project manager A need to revisit?
A. Scope management plan
B. Statement of work (SOW)
C. Organizational process assets
D. Project charter

A company contracts a software vendor to implement and customize a new software application and assigns a project manager to initiate and lead the project. Which of the following inputs to the project charter describes the key deliverables?
A. Business case
B. Agreements
C. Project scope statement
D. Statement of work (SOW)

The first project for a new global company is initiated. The project manager obtains information on the company’s organizational struc1ure.
What should the project manager do to engage with ail interested parties throughout the projecfs lite cycle?
A. Ensure that the stakeholder register is complete and in place.
B. Define the engagement level of ail stakeholders.
C. Develop the stakeholder engagement plan.
D. Identify the stakeholders.

During a projecl’s initiation phase, 200 stakeholders are identified. What should the project manager do to properly handle them?
A. Schedule a kick-off meeting.
B. Select and focus only on key stakeholders.
C. Create a stakeholder register.
D. Refer to organizational communication requirements.

A project manager wants to communicate project objectives to the team, gain their commitment, and explain the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. What should the project manager do to accomplish this?
A. Set ground rules for circulation to the team so that expectations are understood.
B. Ask the team to review the project management plan to gain an understanding of the project. C Conduct team-building activities.
D. Hold a team kick-off meeting.

An organization is kick-starting a project in an emerging market where regulations will rapidly and continuously change during its life cycle. The project sponsor asks the project manager for a budget forecast.
What tool or technique should the project manager use to provide this?
A. Alternatives analysis
B. Monte Carlo analysis
C. Fishbone diagram
D. Three-point estimation

A project manager plans a kick-off meeting and prepares a comprehensive presentation. Ouring the kick-off meeting, those in attendance commit to supporting the project. However, once the project begins, the project manager notices some stakeholders are not engaged at ail.
What should the project manage have done to avoid this issue?
A. Performed a stakeholder analysis
B. Ensured that stakeholders were fully aware of the scope
C. Ensured ail stakeholders received kick off meeting minutes which documented ail stakeholder agreement
D. Requested the sponsor to ensure commitment from the stakeholders’ functional managers

A team of experts provides a project manager with different effort estimates for implementing a project’s scope. What tool or technique should the project manager use to develop a project schedule?
A. Expertjudgement
B. Analogous estimating
C. Three-point estimating
D. Focus groups

A project manager is helping to draft a project charter because of their relevant experience working on similar projects. What organizational process asset should the project manager reference?
A. Projectteam feedback from the lessons learned repository
B. Facilitation skills from in-house subject mat1er experts (SMEs)
C. Relevant legal and regulatory frameworks
D. Project plan from an external organization working in a similar field

A project manager receives a request for proposai (RFP) and must respond to the estimation section. The project manager is concerned that insufficient information is available to do the estimate.
What method of estimation should the project manager use?
A. Definitive
B. Parametric
C. Rough order of magnitude (ROM)
D. Capital cost

The project team needs to get additional data available in the market to c1arify the specifications of the product in scope. What type of bid document should be used in this situation?
A. Request for proposai (RFP)
B. Request for quote (RFQ)
C. Request for information (RFI)
D. Request for solution (RFS)

During the development of the scope management plan, a stakeholder requests the addition of pilot technology into the project scope to assist with product marketing. What should the project manager do?
A. Use the project reserve for the pilot technology.
B. Increase the projec1 budget with the cost of the pilottechnology.
C. Include the stakeholder in the scope planning meetings.
D. Review the scope baseline with the stakeholder.

An organization is awarded a large construction project. The project manager learns that it successfully completed a similar project and wants to use the lessons learned lrom tha1.
What data analysis technique should the projec1 manager use?
A. Regression
B. Trend
C. Document
D. Variance

The sponsor has provided the projectteam with a high-Ievel vision for a new productthat is scheduled to be released at an industry trade show in three months. Which scheduling technique should the project manager use?
A. Schedule the work iterations to give an overview 01 the project timeline and retine detailed requirements over time.
B. Schedule temporary tasks to show leads and lags in the timeline and replace them over time.
C. Baseline the project schedule and restrict scope changes to the produc1.
D. Use the Monte Carlo simulation to provide a date range showing the impact of vague requirements on the schedule.

Project y uses an agile approach. There is no Serum Master on the project team, and the project manager has a strong technical background.
What will the project manager’s primary role be in the project?
A. Facilitator
B. Product owner
C. Risk owner
D. Cross-functional team member

One day before getting the project charter approved by ail key stakeholders, the project manager found new requirements that are not in the project charter. What should the project manager do?
A. Add ail new requirements to the project scope and present the revised charter to the stakeholders.
B. Stick to the original set of requirements listed in the project charter.
C. Prioritize the new requirements for the second phase of the project.
D. Initiate a meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the new requirements and their priorities.

A project manager is asked to create a business case for a company’s new business in the IT security sector. There islittle expertise available within the company as these types of projects have not been done before.
What should the project manager do first?
A. Consu~ with subject matter experts (SMEs).
B. Conduct a market analysis and finalize project requirements.
C. Identify key stakeholders and meet with them to discuss the new business endeavor.
D. Suggest that management does not pursue this business endeavor sin ce there is a lack of experience.

QUESTION 194 A new sponsor is assigned to a project. The project manager has discovered there is incorrect information in the project charter.
What should the project manager do?
A. Cali a project team meeting to rectify the problem.
B. Review the business case documents for the project.
C. Request sponsor approval of the corrected project charter.
D. Submit a change request form to change the original project charter.

QUESTION 195 A key stakeholder believes that the project manager fails to have the authority level necessary for managing a project. Where is the project manager’s role defined?
A. Project charter
B. Statement of work (SOW)
C Kick-off meeting
D. Business case

An analysis during the design stage suggests that a project may not be financially feasible. What should the project manager review?
A. Operational costs during the first five years of the project
B. Nonoperational investment costs based on budget iines
C. Benefits from social and business objectives in the business case
D. Benefits based on the expected return of similar previous investments

A project committee reviews bidder proposais. Each committee member provides insights into their respective business functional areas.
What tool or technique is the committee utilizing?
A. Source selection criteria
B. Procurement negotiations C Expertjudgement
D. Data analysis

QUESTION 198 Ouring the development of the business case, a project manager encounters some challenges. What should the project manager do?
A. Consu~ with a subject matter expert (SME).
B. Reviewa similar project’s lessons learned repository.
C. Consu~ with the internai project management office (PMO).
D. Meet with the project team to discuss the issues.

QUESTION 199 A project has been stopped during the execution phase because the construction methods are not in compliance with environmental regulations. The project managerwasnotawareoftheenvironmentalrequirements oftheprojectandnowneedsadvice onhowtodealwith environmentalcomplianceinfutureprojects.
What should the project manager do to avoid a similar srtuation in future projects?
A. Plan to complete regulatory work within budget and on schedule
B. Update the schedule every!wo weeks during the execulion phase
C. Use expertjudgment when dealing with environmental requirements
D. Collecl projecl requiremenls during the initiation phase in every projecl

QUESTION 200 While reviewing a project management plan for approval, one of the key stakeholders states that the project needs to be completed three weeks prior to the planned date.
How should the project manager address this issue?
A. Apply some resource leveling on ail key tasks
B. Apply more budget to the project
C. Applya compression technique on the critical path
D. Apply resource smoothing on ail key tasks